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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Help Please

Hi guys (if there's anyone left out there watching this blog),
I just thought I'd pop back as I need to ask you a favour.
Since I've been gone I've got more involved with the Kings Cross Steelers rugby club, it takes up pretty much all of my spare time.
We, as a club, are constantly trying to raise money to keep the club functioning on an on-going basis, but also to help get us to our international tournaments. This year we were in Bristol for the Union Cup, a European gay/inclusive rugby tournament (which we won), last year was Manchester for the Bingham Cup, the largest non-professional rugby tournament in the world (where we won the second tier competition).
Next year, the Bingham Cup is in Sydney, Australia. So, as I'm sure you can imagine, we need to raise a lot of money to help get us and our equipment over there and back.
One of the fundraisers we have is a 2014 calendar. It is a really good quality A3 calendar with amazing photographs of actual members of our club (all players past and present). AND it is only £12 (plus postage and packing).
Please, if you know someone who would like one for Christmas, you're stuck for ideas, or would like one yourself, check out the pictures below and go to the website to purchase one / some.
The website is: www.kxscalendar.com

Friday, 4 January 2013


Hey Guys,
Sorry I've not been about for a while, I hope you are all well. I've just not felt the need (and often not had the time) to blog. I did warn you that it might happen.
So, it was July that I last posted, what's happened since?
I managed to get to the Olympics once and once only, where I saw a few GB athletes qualify for finals (including Mo Farrah). I also got to see an athlete I've admired for years (for his skill as much as his sex appeal), Roman Sebrle. Unfortunately he pulled out injured while I was there, but it was still great to get to see him in person.
I enjoyed watching the rest of the Olympics and Paralympics and loved how it made me and seemingly the rest of the country feel.

I've got more involved with the Kings Cross Steelers, getting stuck in to my role as Second Team Manager. Initially all seemed to be going well with well over 30 people turning up to training each session, including lots of new starters. Unfortunately many of the players from the Bingham Cup retired, moved away, had work commitments or were injured, so we gradually got fewer and fewer people turning up. Eventually, despite new starters joining all the time, we struggled to get enough players to field two teams each week.  We are only just getting back to a position where we can field 2 teams, 6 months into the season.
I was initially little more than a hanger-on at the start of the season, but now feel like I have contributed to the running of the club and am accepted as part of the team. I also feel like I have some real friends in the club too, no one especially close yet, but some great people.

I am still stuck in the job that I got at the beginning of last year, despite applying for over 40 jobs last year. It is really getting me down and, I believe it may even be making me ill (I've had a throat infection since November). Hopefully something better will come along very soon.

I still don't have a lover on the scene. I've gone through a few crushes, including a major one just before Christmas (including one coffee date with the guy). We'll have to wait and see if it goes anywhere. Grindr and Scruff are subsidising my sexual impulses otherwise (barely).

I've not written anything since I last posted, my creative juices seem to be totally wiped out. I hope it's not a permanent thing. I have however begun to edit on the Marvel Comics Wiki again, working my way up to 6th on the achievement table (with only its administrators above me).

I probably won't be blogging again in the near future, so take care, but if anything major happens I'll try and pop back and let you know.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Today I made my way to Elm Park to watch the chairman of the Kings Cross Steelers, Tim Sullivan, run with the Olympic Torch. I was running late, because going on the District Line I had to wait for the fifth train to get to that station. I eventually got there 15 minutes after I intended, but was still early (even though it was a 15 minute walk to the actually running site).
There were about 40 of the Steelers there, which was great and we saw Tim run past all too quickly. What was unfortunate was that his mother, who was watching in a chair by the side, fell into the road as she tried to get a better look, just before he ran past. She is getting on a bit and so it could have been quite serious. She ended up missing him running past altogether while she was tended.
Half of us then went to a pub by Hornchurch station for a couple of drinks where we met Tim (he'd had to go back to the start and get his car). He was overrun with people asking to take picture with him in his white running outfit and Olympic Torch. It did get a bit ridiculous, as he ended up having about 40 photos taken and that's not counting the ones with us, but took it in his stride. He left after a while to go and see his mother in the hospital.

I was hoping that the guys were going to go to the Vauxhall Tavern, as I had been asked to meet Thain & Darren there. But, by the time I got back to Clapham it was 19:00 and so was too late.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


I've been chatting to a guy on Scruff for about a month and we finally managed to arrange a time and place to meet up. Yesterday we met at Tower Hill station and went on to St Katharine's Wharf and sat and had a coffee and chatted. Initially I was disappointed that he wasn't as hot as I had hoped, but we got on alright. There was no romantic attraction, at least from me anyway. I met him at 17:00 and was home by 19:00.

I did find something amusing though. As I was about to leave the flat I heard the girl downstairs leave with her boyfriend. Terry had told me before that he was quite sexy. I left a minute or so later and overtook them on the pavement. He was nicely built, but I didn't see his face.
I took my work trousers to the dry cleaners and then went on to the tube station, where I overtook them again on the escalator down to the platform.
When I got to Bank, to change train lines, I saw them again, getting off there too.
Later when I was walking around St Katharine's Wharf we saw them again twice, in different places. It was almost like one of us was stalking the other.
I did manage to see his face though, which was also very attractive. Maybe I should pounce one day when he is alone and drunk. Maybe try and engage him about rugby, he looks the right build and type.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I started a set of 4 night shifts last night. I always hate nights anyway, but I was falling asleep by 06:00 and was really looking forward to coming home. Unfortunately my day shift counterpart didn't arrive until 07:30, half an hour late. I was not happy. And then he wanted to stand and chat. I was so annoyed. I didn't get home until 08:30.
To top it off I was woken up at 12:30 by someone repeatedly ringing the doorbell of our flat. When I got down to the door there was no one there. I managed to get back to sleep but then didn't wake up until 16:30. The whole day was gone.
All I've managed to do is eat dinner and now I have to get ready to go back to work. I really hate my job. Three more shifts until I'm off again. I'm so tired.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kings Cross Steelers

I can't remember if I've mentioned it to you guys yet, but it seems that I am resuming my role as second team captain with the Kings Cross Steelers, the same role I had during the Bingham Cup. I think I was the only one who volunteered for the position at the AGM, but even so I am happy to be more involved.
Although I am not Recruitment Manager, I feel that it is my duty to get to know the new players and support all the other players during training, you never know who is going to be in the second team. And, after all, we are all one team at the end of the day. This is why I am making a point of attending all training sessions that I can, at least during pre-season anyway.
I also am promoting the Steelers and looking for potential players and supporters. I'm constantly recruiting (even when on Grindr and Scruff). So, I thought I would do the same here. If you like rugby, or think you might, but have never watched it, then come along to training to either watch or train (we train newbies as well as experienced ones).
Here is a copy of the flyer we have been given out:


I was off this weekend just gone, from Thursday to yesterday and I'm back to work tonight. Night shifts, I hate them.
I went to training with the Steelers again on Thursday, there were half the amount of people there as on Tuesday, but the weather was a lot worse, the rain just did not stop. On the plus side, there were still a few newbies there, including someone who hadn't been there on Tuesday. Had a few drinks after with the guys (still trying to remember all the new guys names, and failing).
Friday night I wanted to go out, I was really in the mood, but I couldn't find anyone to meet with. I couldn't even find any company on Grindr or Scruff. It was a shame as Terry was away, so I had the flat all to myself, as I did on Saturday too, though I still failed to get some company.
I met up with Humberto on Saturday night in Kazbar and we had a good night, as there were some good looking guys there. We met up with a friend of his, who I've met a few times before, Lee.
Humberto was going to go home at around 23:30. As we got to 2 Brewers we saw a queue and I almost gave up to go home, but then saw Jimmy on the door. He waved us in and so the three of us got free entry and queue jumped (that never happens to me, I was chuffed). There was no one new in there and the guys that I had liked from Kazbar, all seemed to be with other guys. I came home at about 02:30 and tried searching for someone on Grindr and Scruff again, to no avail. I went to bed at around 04:30 feeling really, really horny and lonely.
Sunday I woke up early, surprisingly, and spent the whole day alone yet again. I really could do with a friend who just wants to hang out and not have to go for alcohol all the time. Truth be told, and I've said it before, I need a boyfriend I think.
It was Tim's birthday, but he was initially not going to go out in London, instead planning to have a party with other friends. He changed his mind and so I met him at the Duke of Wellington at 18:45, Chris joined us. On my way to the bar I almost fell asleep on the Tube, which wasn't a good sign.
There were no hot guys at the pub, so we went to the Yard, where there was also a lack of talent (bar staff excluded). We then went on to G.A.Y. bar where there were no guys that I really liked, except maybe 2 guys who were together. I did see PJ, Matt and Kevin (from the Steelers) in there though. I started to get really hot in there, which just made my tiredness worse. I left at about 21:30.
The most disappointing thing about the weekend was that I had no one special to spend it with, either a close friend or a boyfriend, and I really could have used someone, as I began to feel a bit depressed. I need a man.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

World Pride

What I can remember of yesterday:
I joined the Steelers at Manchester Square at 10:00 and we made our way to our start point of the Pride Parade just before 11:00. The start of the Parade was brought forward, for unknown reasons, from 13:00 to 11:00. We didn't actually start moving until about 13:00 anyway. I could have had a lie in. All the time we were waiting to move it was dry, just as we started to move it started to rain. Apparently there were twice as many people in the march as was expected, we were told there were 20,000 in the march this year.
I'm relaxed and confident enough with my place in the team now to be able to talk comfortably with all the players and supporters. And some of them go out of their way to talk to me too, which is always nice.
During the march we were instructed to recruit as many potential players and supporters as we could. We were given business cards to hand out to possible people. I made it my aim to recruit the gorgeous ones (I don't think I was alone in this). I managed to find several people who were both gorgeous and potentially interested in playing and some potential supporters too. I even gave a card to Chris Geary, as I know he plays Rugby League. I asked him to come along to just one match and see if he wanted to consider changing codes. Unfortunately I didn't have a pen to write my personal number on the cards.
After the march, we were going to start our drinking at Halfway to Heaven (where I saw Richard and Lawrence), but it was too packed for us all so we went to the Duke of Wellington instead. We stood outside for the whole time we were there (the weather mostly held out for us). I didn't buy any drinks in the bars though, I saved my money and bought cans from supermarkets instead. Cheap, I know, but it saved me so much money (and queueing time).
Staying in one place all day is a great idea as everyone else seems to move around and almost everyone I know walked past at some point. I saw Humberto, Dean & Jamie, Tony, Ashleigh, Kerry, Prav and David (among others). I also met a few new guys too, including Samuel (though I don't actually remember meeting him there) who is gorgeous.
Gareth Thomas also came along at one point and I chatted to him like he was a mate, shook his hand and then directed him to where Tim (our chairman and his mate) was.
As it got dark a group of us decided to go to the 2 Brewers (which suited me fine, being so close to home). We had a fantastic time there too. I flirted with several people there, including one guy who was there with his girlfriend and always flirts with me overtly in front of her when I see him in there.
I was so warm, and had been wearing the Steelers tour top all day (as instructed by the team for the march earlier), so I took it off and stayed topless for the rest of the night. When I went to leave it had gone, some bastard must have stolen it. I was not happy. Luckily I had a hoodie in my bag as it was pissing down when I left.

This evening I met up with Samuel, though he ended up getting to Clapham about 3 hours after he said he would be here. When he arrived he was tired and so was I so there wasn't much in the way of conversation really and after just one coke in Kazbar he went home, which was a shame as he is gorgeous.

I had intended to call in sick the today anyway, as I knew it was likely that I would have a hangover. Unfortunately I went straight to sleep when I got home and so forgot. I woke at 06:30 and realised that I hadn't called in, so quickly did it, saying I was vomiting all night. I had a hoarse voice anyway, which hopefully helped me sound more convincing. I am however meant to give much more notice for being sick, so I may be in trouble. I really don't fancy going back to work tomorrow, but I have just called them to say that I will be back.

Friday, 6 July 2012

No Sex

Yesterday I was meant to be meeting up with a guy for sex. I had met him in Torquay last year at Pride and he happened to live in London. I previously friended him on Facebook, but recently realised that he had unfriended me at some point.
I saw him again at the Clapham Street Party and we snogged a bit and he took my number again (I'd not deleted his). He contacted me soon after and it was clear that he wanted sex, though it was also clear that he wanted to fuck me. Not gonna happen. So I made that clear to him and he was still interested, though I suspect he was still gonna try.
Yesterday I really didn't think that going to meet him was a good idea, I wasn't in the mood for THAT discussion ("Can I fuck you?" "No, I've already told you"), so when Tim called and invited me out for a drink I accepted his offer and told the guy that a friend had a crisis that I had to help with. I felt guilty but it was for the best I thought.
I met Tim and Graham and a few others at the Duke of Wellington where we had several drinks. When the others left to go for a meal Tim announced that he was going to G.A.Y., which meant that, if I wanted to maintain his company, I had to go there too (it really isn't somewhere that I would chose to go). Despite the downstairs bar being slightly accessible, we had to go to the upstairs bar as that is adjacent to the smoking area. It was jammed.
When we got to the smoking area (again, like I had a choice if I wanted to maintain his company), there was a cute guy in a black vest who was smiling at me. I pointed him out to Tim and then went to the loo. When I came back he had his arm around the guy.
The guy was playing the two of us off against each other, or that is what I thought. He later told me that he wanted us both. His friend was cute too, though very shy, or just more aloof. Over the next half and hour the vest guy snogged me, Tim and his mate. He kept switching between us all and in the end I got bored of it all and told him that he should go for Tim as he was the better bet for going home with someone. He seemed annoyed but, despite feeling horny, I was bored of the game. I left and came home.
When I got home I was still feeling horny. I thought I had found a gorgeous guy on Grindr but then he went quiet just as I was arranging to go around there. I was frustrated so went over to Clapham Common, though there were very few guys there and none were my type. I ended up watching some porn before going to sleep at 03:00.

This morning I got a text from Tim telling me that he didn't end up with that guy, probably because he was too drunk.
I also got a Grindr message from the guy I thought I was gonna hook up with saying that his phone had died mid-conversation (hence him going quiet).
Sound like the universe was punishing me for dumping the guy I should have been having sex with. Oh well.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Work Woes (Again)

I hate to be on a downer after I've been in such a good mood lately. I worked my first night shift in weeks last night, the usual duty manager wasn't on, so I thought I would perform a little experiment. I wondered how long I would have to wait to be given my first break. I am due 3 half-hour breaks each shift. Luckily I had my food with me and a drink too. I didn't even see the DM until I finally had to give in and call him at 05:00 and ask for a toilet break (TEN HOURS INTO THE TWELVE HOUR SHIFT). I made sure that he knew I wasn't happy and that I expected to be getting my three breaks on tonight's shift.
Now, with that in mind, knowing that I have probably made an enemy now, I really don't want to go into work tonight, even more than normal. I hate that fucking place.
I've got an appraisal on the 10th of this month and I am struggling to find positive things to put on my appraisal form. Personally, from what we have been doing so far since I joined, I think the whole new department that I've joined is pretty much a waste of time and money. We do not do anything that the rest of the security team couldn't do on top of their normal duties. I know I should tell them what they want to hear, but I have this mental disorder that makes me want to tell the truth the whole time, which will not do me any favours, especially if I find myself stuck there for 4 years like I was at the last place that I also hated. I shall have to think long and hard about how truthful I want to be and whether I can face the consequences if I am honest with them. I can't afford to be let go or forced to quit.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Clapham Street Party

Yesterday was a fairly busy for me. I got a message on Grindr first thing and arranged to meet a guy. I had met him before at the gym and so was happy to hook up. Just after I'd arranged it I got a message from another guy, much sexier and more muscular, but I couldn't cancel the first arrangement (it's not polite), so I had to turn down the hot guy. The first guy came over but wouldn't do anything other than wank because he saw I had a split lip. He eventually left with neither of us being satisfied.
I had to get ready for the Clapham Street Party later so I didn't have time to rearrange a meet up with the second guy. Maybe another time.
I asked Tim, Richard and Humberto if they wanted to come over to mine first for some drinks, before going to the party. None of them wanted to. My ideas never seem to be popular. I went to the party at just before 15:00 and met Humberto there. Richard turned up soon after as did a couple of the Steelers (Kevin and Scott, are they a couple now?). Tim also turned up later with one of his young, Latino shags (who didn't stick around long).
I had my Steelers top on as I was meant to be promoting the team and recruiting new players and supporters. It did mean that I had an excuse to talk to hot guys if I wanted and made use of that excuse. I don't know if I managed to recruit anyone, but I had a good time. I also got to chat to the gorgeous brother of an England rugby player. I hope that he turns up to play, or at least to watch. 
Harley Everett was there, like last year and so were several of the other Steelers.

I had arranged to meet Gary at the party at around 20:00. I met Gary at Chariots about a month ago, but have not been able to meet up with him since. Gary is handsome, very muscular and is a very good kisser. I met him by the entrance and we soon left to go back to mine. In case you don't know, my place is just across the road from the party.
After a couple of hours he left to meet some friends at XXL. I was intending on heading there later after going to the 2 Brewers. I queued at the Brewers, but after 15 minutes of the line not moving I gave up and headed to Chariots instead. I don't know why.

I finally got home at around 04:00. Just after I got off the bus I saw that there was a guy laying next to a car (road side). Initially I thought he had been hit by a car, but it turns out that he was just incredibly drunk. Once I made sure he was conscious I persuaded him to stand up and once I knew he wasn't injured I helped him up and to the pavement, where he stood clinging to a lamppost. I then left him for the police to look after. My good deed for the day.

Now, tonight I have to go back to work. It is not fair. I know I have only worked 1 day in the last 16, but do I really have to go back to work tonight?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Batman R.I.P.

Heard today about the death of one of my athlete crushes, Daniel Batman. I've mentioned him before, as he was a really sexy guy whose running was impressive and whose package often took your eye off of the athletics itself.

Daniel died in a car crash today, a sad loss of an impressive and hot man.

Birthday Drinks

I have been a bit remiss in reporting my birthday drinks, but I shall rectify this now.
I was bored all day on Friday, wanting the celebrations to start (even though my actual birthday was the day before). I wanted to get the food that I'd brought for that night cooked and prepped but it was something that should only be done an hour or so before hand.
I went to the gym in the early afternoon, but other than that I had nothing to do until about 17:30 when I started to cook the food. It only took about 30 minutes to cook and plate up (on 2 massive sturdy silver foil platters, for the satay chicken and cheese thingies, and a smaller platter for the eclairs and profiteroles). While the savoury stuff was cooking I showered and got dressed and everything was done by 18:30. I was really disappointed that my flatmate Terry had not even volunteered to help with any of the prep, especially as he is a chef by trade. Instead he shut himself in his room and had a nap.
I left to walk down to the 2 Brewers with 2 platters of food, all on my own. Not impressed. Terry was still shut in his room. I dropped off the food and then went down to Kazbar to wait for people to turn up. Zek, Humberto (with a friend of his named Richard, quite cute), Terry (and his friend Scott) were all there after a little while, and also my sister Lynn, brother-in-law Adrian, Lisa (Adrian's niece, who I used to work with) and her hubby Bobby (who I went to school with). I made sure everyone was introduced to everyone else (which I think I neglected to do last year).
It was a nice little group. We were drinking outside, but it started to get a bit chilly, so at around 21:30 we moved down to the 2 Brewers (I popped home to get the desserts, again no offer of help).
When I got to the 2 Brewers there were three guys there from the Steelers (Matt A, Jordan & Michael D), with another Steelers (supporter) Julian turning up a little later. Tim turned up with presents for me and Chris Casey, who was there too and had celebrated his 40th birthday a couple of weeks before.
I was really pleasantly surprised when Dennis (Dionysios) arrived, as he's just moved here from Greece and I hadn't seen him since I met him about 2 or 3 years ago. He is such a handsome man. I've never seen a bad picture of him on Facebook (and he has lots of pictures there). It was nice getting to know him again.
The biggest surprise was when I saw a blond woman standing at the edge of the area that I'd reserved. I didn't recognise her for a couple of seconds and then I realised that it was my cousin Santa, who I've not seen since I was 7, but who I've been in contact with, again via Facebook, for the last couple of years. It was so easy and nice talking to her, and nice that Lynn got to meet her too (their first meeting every). We got on so well, and she lives close enough that we can go for drinks again soon.
Richard P, from the Steelers was the only other person to turn up for me though. I didn't really notice on the night, as I was having a good night, which is all that matters really. But, after the event, I was pretty disappointed at the poor showing, especially from the Steelers, and a couple of other friends who said, just that week, that they would definitely be there (Thain, Darren & Keith). I guess all that matters is that I DID have a fantastic time.
My sister, Adrian, Lisa and Bobby left before midnight, as they had to get back to Essex.

Topping & Butch were the cabaret on that night and they started at around midnight, but I don't remember much else from then on. I do know that by then it was just me, Dennis and Santa left (at least I think so), and we had some nice photos taken.

I vaguely remember having difficulty getting the key in the lock when I got back to mine, with the necessary aid of Dennis. I hope I remembered to say my goodbyes if there was anyone else left at the Brewers.
Dennis stayed the night, but in the morning reminded me of what he apparently had told me the night before: that he had a boyfriend. I was disappointed, though we still played around a bit. I actually like him a lot, probably the first person in years who I've thought could be worth getting to know better, with possible romantic results. After we had woken up in the morning, we sat watching junk television (Big Brother I think) and he left after a couple of hours. We shall see what happens.
All in all, it was a fantastic night. I just regret that I think I must have permanently forgotten at least a couple of hours of it. All because I wasn't buying my own drinks, I just drank anything anyone gave me, including beer (which I normally hate) and my first Jagerbomb, which I really quite liked.
After just feeling tired when I first woke on the Saturday, my hangover kicked in at around 14:00 and I felt like hell for the rest of the day. Oh well.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Birthday Week

I booked my whole birthday week off in the hopes that I would be constantly busy, contacted by lots of different people and having a wonderful time. It's not quite been that way, but I have had some fun.
On Saturday I went to the Kings Cross Steelers' AGM and their Annual Dinner too. I was meant to be going to XXL with a lot of them, but had a bad headache after the dinner, which ruined those plans.
I went into Soho on Monday, as it was a nice evening, though I wasn't expecting anyone to be out (I had texted a few people, but they all either said "no" or declined to answer). I went to Comptons and was joined by one of the Steelers (Reyes) and then another (Richard) and then a fellow supporter (Neil). I also met a handsome guy (Sebastian), who happened to be Scott (who I had asked out for drinks the other weekend)'s ex. We exchanged details. We went on to G.A.Y. Late, apparently, on the way I met another guy (Marco) who I exchanged numbers with (though I have no recollection of that). In G.A.Y. I remember flirting with Neil's friend Tom, then, after he left, I was flirting and snogging another guy (Alessio). We left together, but somewhere between there and Trafalgar Square he pissed me off somehow and I came home alone.
When I got to my front door, at about 04:00, there was a cute guy walking past. I caught his eye and stayed at my front door with it open for a few seconds longer than necessary and he took the hint. I brought him just inside the front door, into the hallway before you get to the stairs up to my flat. We had a little fun right there on the doormat before I shot my load and he left.
Overall it turned out to be a great night.

On Tuesday I went to see my family in Essex and had a good day, ending in a meal with them before watching England play football (not my choice). While I was there I was bitten by my sister's dog (my fault, I was holding her chew toy behind my back, which didn't fool her at all), I also started to develop a cold sore. By the time I got home at half past midnight, it was fully developed. I was not impressed to have this on my birthday week.
I had arranged to meet up with a couple of guys on the Wednesday, but obviously couldn't with the cold sore. I was gutted, especially as I was still feeling really horny. Instead, I made the most of the rare sunshine and went to Clapham Common to sunbathe for a couple of hours, went to the gym and then back to the Common for another couple of hours.
When I woke this morning, my actual birthday, I felt sore from sunburn and saw that my "tan" was really REALLY patchy, like a red jigsaw all over my chest, with small white voids. I can only guess that when I was spraying on my sun protection, the wind, which was gusting slightly, made the spray miss certain areas. It looks like I have eczema.
The really sad thing about today is that I have only spoken to one person all day (not counting shop or bar staff), and that is Terry, my flat mate (who, incidentally, went out for drinks with a friend of his this afternoon, without inviting me). I went into Soho this evening on the off chance that someone I knew would be out, but didn't see anyone so came home after 2 pints. How sad is that, that no one wanted to spend time with me on my actual birthday. I know a few will be at my drinks tomorrow, but it would have been nice to have someone there for me today.
Oh well, tomorrow will hopefully more than make up for that. We shall see.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Almost Forgot

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon, but, as I was changing when I first got there, I saw one of the Steelers players, Wayne, who persuaded me to go to the Steelers' AGM before the Annual Dinner later. This meant that I had less time to get ready, I hadn't even picked up my suit from the dry cleaners. I had a quick run and then did some chest exercises. I had already done my abs exercises and some arms exercises at home.
When I got to the showers there was someone in one with the curtain slightly open, which is normally an invitation. I went into the one opposite and left my curtain slightly open too. The guy was gorgeous, had a fantastic body and an 8" semi-erect cock. I was in lust. He kept looking and I was hoping he was interested, but I doubted it. I went to the sauna afterwards, as I always do. He didn't but kept looking from where he was changing. I couldn't make it out as he never smiled once. Frustrating.

AGM & Annual Dinner

I attended the Steelers AGM yesterday late afternoon, followed by their Annual Dinner. I had been reticent about attending, still not feeling that I really belong. I changed my mind when I received an invite to the dinner on Facebook and yesterday afternoon was told I should attend the AGM too by a player I saw at the gym.
I arrived 5 minutes late embarrassingly, but I wasn't the last one there, which eased my embarrassment. During the meeting it was announced that the team managers positions that had been trialed at Bingham, with me being the second team manager, would be rolled out across the whole playing season and they were asking for volunteers. I was reluctant again to volunteer, but only because I can't attend most training sessions or matches because of my shifts including nights and weekends. They suggested that the manager doesn't have to attend every event, but can nominate someone to deal with issues. As that was the case I put my name forward. I don't think many others will volunteer, so I am almost guaranteed to get this position, probably for the second team again.

The dinner that followed was really nice, not teeth-breaking like the Bingham meal had been.
After the dinner were the awards. I missed out on the Supporter of the Year, won by Tom who had actually participated in support during the playing season (more than I could have done). I was a little disappointed (and jealous) at this, but it is driving me to do more next season. I'm trying to think of fundraising ideas, especially as, in order to get the same number of players and supporters to Sydney for the next Bingham (as it is the likely location for the tournament in 2014), the club will need to raise approximately £100,000!!! Ouch.
I did win something, along with the two other Bingham Team Managers. It was the Angela Merkel Award for German Efficiency (a fun award).
I limited my alcohol intake as the plan was to go to XXL afterwards. Unfortunately I had limited myself to the awful cider they serve at the clubhouse and developed a headache by 23:00. I couldn't face XXL with that headache so came home. Alone. I was really disappointed. It had been a nice evening though.

Friday, 15 June 2012

R.I.P. Big Man

While at work last night I heard the sad news that Erik Rhodes had died in his sleep.
Erik Rhodes was one of the sexiest men in porn. He was very handsome. He had a great body with not too many tattoos. He looked like he was a great kisser. And he had a very, very nice cock.
I also always felt an affinity with him since I found out that he also struggled with depression. He was very open and honest on his blog about his struggles and I really appreciated that honesty.

I was really quite upset when I heard the news last night, but the outpouring from his peers in the porn industry was nice. He will be missed.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Feeling Good

Feeling goof lately, looking forward to the Kings Cross Steelers' Annual Dinner on Saturday night and then to my birthday drinks the following Friday. I've only got 2 more night shifts and then have 10 days off. Work have finally sorted the shift pattern out, so will be working 4-on, 4-off from when I get back after those 10 days. So, things seem to be working out at the moment (jinx). All I need now is a good man, with a nice face, to make me feel special.