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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Clapham Street Party

Yesterday was a fairly busy for me. I got a message on Grindr first thing and arranged to meet a guy. I had met him before at the gym and so was happy to hook up. Just after I'd arranged it I got a message from another guy, much sexier and more muscular, but I couldn't cancel the first arrangement (it's not polite), so I had to turn down the hot guy. The first guy came over but wouldn't do anything other than wank because he saw I had a split lip. He eventually left with neither of us being satisfied.
I had to get ready for the Clapham Street Party later so I didn't have time to rearrange a meet up with the second guy. Maybe another time.
I asked Tim, Richard and Humberto if they wanted to come over to mine first for some drinks, before going to the party. None of them wanted to. My ideas never seem to be popular. I went to the party at just before 15:00 and met Humberto there. Richard turned up soon after as did a couple of the Steelers (Kevin and Scott, are they a couple now?). Tim also turned up later with one of his young, Latino shags (who didn't stick around long).
I had my Steelers top on as I was meant to be promoting the team and recruiting new players and supporters. It did mean that I had an excuse to talk to hot guys if I wanted and made use of that excuse. I don't know if I managed to recruit anyone, but I had a good time. I also got to chat to the gorgeous brother of an England rugby player. I hope that he turns up to play, or at least to watch. 
Harley Everett was there, like last year and so were several of the other Steelers.

I had arranged to meet Gary at the party at around 20:00. I met Gary at Chariots about a month ago, but have not been able to meet up with him since. Gary is handsome, very muscular and is a very good kisser. I met him by the entrance and we soon left to go back to mine. In case you don't know, my place is just across the road from the party.
After a couple of hours he left to meet some friends at XXL. I was intending on heading there later after going to the 2 Brewers. I queued at the Brewers, but after 15 minutes of the line not moving I gave up and headed to Chariots instead. I don't know why.

I finally got home at around 04:00. Just after I got off the bus I saw that there was a guy laying next to a car (road side). Initially I thought he had been hit by a car, but it turns out that he was just incredibly drunk. Once I made sure he was conscious I persuaded him to stand up and once I knew he wasn't injured I helped him up and to the pavement, where he stood clinging to a lamppost. I then left him for the police to look after. My good deed for the day.

Now, tonight I have to go back to work. It is not fair. I know I have only worked 1 day in the last 16, but do I really have to go back to work tonight?

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