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Sunday, 8 July 2012

World Pride

What I can remember of yesterday:
I joined the Steelers at Manchester Square at 10:00 and we made our way to our start point of the Pride Parade just before 11:00. The start of the Parade was brought forward, for unknown reasons, from 13:00 to 11:00. We didn't actually start moving until about 13:00 anyway. I could have had a lie in. All the time we were waiting to move it was dry, just as we started to move it started to rain. Apparently there were twice as many people in the march as was expected, we were told there were 20,000 in the march this year.
I'm relaxed and confident enough with my place in the team now to be able to talk comfortably with all the players and supporters. And some of them go out of their way to talk to me too, which is always nice.
During the march we were instructed to recruit as many potential players and supporters as we could. We were given business cards to hand out to possible people. I made it my aim to recruit the gorgeous ones (I don't think I was alone in this). I managed to find several people who were both gorgeous and potentially interested in playing and some potential supporters too. I even gave a card to Chris Geary, as I know he plays Rugby League. I asked him to come along to just one match and see if he wanted to consider changing codes. Unfortunately I didn't have a pen to write my personal number on the cards.
After the march, we were going to start our drinking at Halfway to Heaven (where I saw Richard and Lawrence), but it was too packed for us all so we went to the Duke of Wellington instead. We stood outside for the whole time we were there (the weather mostly held out for us). I didn't buy any drinks in the bars though, I saved my money and bought cans from supermarkets instead. Cheap, I know, but it saved me so much money (and queueing time).
Staying in one place all day is a great idea as everyone else seems to move around and almost everyone I know walked past at some point. I saw Humberto, Dean & Jamie, Tony, Ashleigh, Kerry, Prav and David (among others). I also met a few new guys too, including Samuel (though I don't actually remember meeting him there) who is gorgeous.
Gareth Thomas also came along at one point and I chatted to him like he was a mate, shook his hand and then directed him to where Tim (our chairman and his mate) was.
As it got dark a group of us decided to go to the 2 Brewers (which suited me fine, being so close to home). We had a fantastic time there too. I flirted with several people there, including one guy who was there with his girlfriend and always flirts with me overtly in front of her when I see him in there.
I was so warm, and had been wearing the Steelers tour top all day (as instructed by the team for the march earlier), so I took it off and stayed topless for the rest of the night. When I went to leave it had gone, some bastard must have stolen it. I was not happy. Luckily I had a hoodie in my bag as it was pissing down when I left.

This evening I met up with Samuel, though he ended up getting to Clapham about 3 hours after he said he would be here. When he arrived he was tired and so was I so there wasn't much in the way of conversation really and after just one coke in Kazbar he went home, which was a shame as he is gorgeous.

I had intended to call in sick the today anyway, as I knew it was likely that I would have a hangover. Unfortunately I went straight to sleep when I got home and so forgot. I woke at 06:30 and realised that I hadn't called in, so quickly did it, saying I was vomiting all night. I had a hoarse voice anyway, which hopefully helped me sound more convincing. I am however meant to give much more notice for being sick, so I may be in trouble. I really don't fancy going back to work tomorrow, but I have just called them to say that I will be back.

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