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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Birthday Week

I booked my whole birthday week off in the hopes that I would be constantly busy, contacted by lots of different people and having a wonderful time. It's not quite been that way, but I have had some fun.
On Saturday I went to the Kings Cross Steelers' AGM and their Annual Dinner too. I was meant to be going to XXL with a lot of them, but had a bad headache after the dinner, which ruined those plans.
I went into Soho on Monday, as it was a nice evening, though I wasn't expecting anyone to be out (I had texted a few people, but they all either said "no" or declined to answer). I went to Comptons and was joined by one of the Steelers (Reyes) and then another (Richard) and then a fellow supporter (Neil). I also met a handsome guy (Sebastian), who happened to be Scott (who I had asked out for drinks the other weekend)'s ex. We exchanged details. We went on to G.A.Y. Late, apparently, on the way I met another guy (Marco) who I exchanged numbers with (though I have no recollection of that). In G.A.Y. I remember flirting with Neil's friend Tom, then, after he left, I was flirting and snogging another guy (Alessio). We left together, but somewhere between there and Trafalgar Square he pissed me off somehow and I came home alone.
When I got to my front door, at about 04:00, there was a cute guy walking past. I caught his eye and stayed at my front door with it open for a few seconds longer than necessary and he took the hint. I brought him just inside the front door, into the hallway before you get to the stairs up to my flat. We had a little fun right there on the doormat before I shot my load and he left.
Overall it turned out to be a great night.

On Tuesday I went to see my family in Essex and had a good day, ending in a meal with them before watching England play football (not my choice). While I was there I was bitten by my sister's dog (my fault, I was holding her chew toy behind my back, which didn't fool her at all), I also started to develop a cold sore. By the time I got home at half past midnight, it was fully developed. I was not impressed to have this on my birthday week.
I had arranged to meet up with a couple of guys on the Wednesday, but obviously couldn't with the cold sore. I was gutted, especially as I was still feeling really horny. Instead, I made the most of the rare sunshine and went to Clapham Common to sunbathe for a couple of hours, went to the gym and then back to the Common for another couple of hours.
When I woke this morning, my actual birthday, I felt sore from sunburn and saw that my "tan" was really REALLY patchy, like a red jigsaw all over my chest, with small white voids. I can only guess that when I was spraying on my sun protection, the wind, which was gusting slightly, made the spray miss certain areas. It looks like I have eczema.
The really sad thing about today is that I have only spoken to one person all day (not counting shop or bar staff), and that is Terry, my flat mate (who, incidentally, went out for drinks with a friend of his this afternoon, without inviting me). I went into Soho this evening on the off chance that someone I knew would be out, but didn't see anyone so came home after 2 pints. How sad is that, that no one wanted to spend time with me on my actual birthday. I know a few will be at my drinks tomorrow, but it would have been nice to have someone there for me today.
Oh well, tomorrow will hopefully more than make up for that. We shall see.

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