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Sunday, 17 June 2012

AGM & Annual Dinner

I attended the Steelers AGM yesterday late afternoon, followed by their Annual Dinner. I had been reticent about attending, still not feeling that I really belong. I changed my mind when I received an invite to the dinner on Facebook and yesterday afternoon was told I should attend the AGM too by a player I saw at the gym.
I arrived 5 minutes late embarrassingly, but I wasn't the last one there, which eased my embarrassment. During the meeting it was announced that the team managers positions that had been trialed at Bingham, with me being the second team manager, would be rolled out across the whole playing season and they were asking for volunteers. I was reluctant again to volunteer, but only because I can't attend most training sessions or matches because of my shifts including nights and weekends. They suggested that the manager doesn't have to attend every event, but can nominate someone to deal with issues. As that was the case I put my name forward. I don't think many others will volunteer, so I am almost guaranteed to get this position, probably for the second team again.

The dinner that followed was really nice, not teeth-breaking like the Bingham meal had been.
After the dinner were the awards. I missed out on the Supporter of the Year, won by Tom who had actually participated in support during the playing season (more than I could have done). I was a little disappointed (and jealous) at this, but it is driving me to do more next season. I'm trying to think of fundraising ideas, especially as, in order to get the same number of players and supporters to Sydney for the next Bingham (as it is the likely location for the tournament in 2014), the club will need to raise approximately £100,000!!! Ouch.
I did win something, along with the two other Bingham Team Managers. It was the Angela Merkel Award for German Efficiency (a fun award).
I limited my alcohol intake as the plan was to go to XXL afterwards. Unfortunately I had limited myself to the awful cider they serve at the clubhouse and developed a headache by 23:00. I couldn't face XXL with that headache so came home. Alone. I was really disappointed. It had been a nice evening though.

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