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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Help Please

Hi guys (if there's anyone left out there watching this blog),
I just thought I'd pop back as I need to ask you a favour.
Since I've been gone I've got more involved with the Kings Cross Steelers rugby club, it takes up pretty much all of my spare time.
We, as a club, are constantly trying to raise money to keep the club functioning on an on-going basis, but also to help get us to our international tournaments. This year we were in Bristol for the Union Cup, a European gay/inclusive rugby tournament (which we won), last year was Manchester for the Bingham Cup, the largest non-professional rugby tournament in the world (where we won the second tier competition).
Next year, the Bingham Cup is in Sydney, Australia. So, as I'm sure you can imagine, we need to raise a lot of money to help get us and our equipment over there and back.
One of the fundraisers we have is a 2014 calendar. It is a really good quality A3 calendar with amazing photographs of actual members of our club (all players past and present). AND it is only £12 (plus postage and packing).
Please, if you know someone who would like one for Christmas, you're stuck for ideas, or would like one yourself, check out the pictures below and go to the website to purchase one / some.
The website is: www.kxscalendar.com