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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pamela J Boyce

Pamela J Boyce

1958 - 11th September 2001

Pamela was Assistant Vice-President of Accounting for Carr Futures working on the 92nd Floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she was working when the plane struck.
Known for her direct approach, sometimes thought of as harsh, which came from a sense of practicality. She was a hard worker who had recently graduated with a degree in accounting, for which she studied after work at a local community college.
Outside of work she was known for her love of disco dancing, competing competitively, though she also loved to relax.
Leaving behind her partner Catherine Anello, with whom she shared a home in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, she also left behind a family she loved, evidenced by her serving as Lamaze coach for her sister Desiree, at the birth of her niece Kristina.
Catherine has said that Pamela wasn't afraid to die, saying that she knew she was going to a beautiful place. If only we all had that certainty.

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