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Monday, 16 July 2012


I was off this weekend just gone, from Thursday to yesterday and I'm back to work tonight. Night shifts, I hate them.
I went to training with the Steelers again on Thursday, there were half the amount of people there as on Tuesday, but the weather was a lot worse, the rain just did not stop. On the plus side, there were still a few newbies there, including someone who hadn't been there on Tuesday. Had a few drinks after with the guys (still trying to remember all the new guys names, and failing).
Friday night I wanted to go out, I was really in the mood, but I couldn't find anyone to meet with. I couldn't even find any company on Grindr or Scruff. It was a shame as Terry was away, so I had the flat all to myself, as I did on Saturday too, though I still failed to get some company.
I met up with Humberto on Saturday night in Kazbar and we had a good night, as there were some good looking guys there. We met up with a friend of his, who I've met a few times before, Lee.
Humberto was going to go home at around 23:30. As we got to 2 Brewers we saw a queue and I almost gave up to go home, but then saw Jimmy on the door. He waved us in and so the three of us got free entry and queue jumped (that never happens to me, I was chuffed). There was no one new in there and the guys that I had liked from Kazbar, all seemed to be with other guys. I came home at about 02:30 and tried searching for someone on Grindr and Scruff again, to no avail. I went to bed at around 04:30 feeling really, really horny and lonely.
Sunday I woke up early, surprisingly, and spent the whole day alone yet again. I really could do with a friend who just wants to hang out and not have to go for alcohol all the time. Truth be told, and I've said it before, I need a boyfriend I think.
It was Tim's birthday, but he was initially not going to go out in London, instead planning to have a party with other friends. He changed his mind and so I met him at the Duke of Wellington at 18:45, Chris joined us. On my way to the bar I almost fell asleep on the Tube, which wasn't a good sign.
There were no hot guys at the pub, so we went to the Yard, where there was also a lack of talent (bar staff excluded). We then went on to G.A.Y. bar where there were no guys that I really liked, except maybe 2 guys who were together. I did see PJ, Matt and Kevin (from the Steelers) in there though. I started to get really hot in there, which just made my tiredness worse. I left at about 21:30.
The most disappointing thing about the weekend was that I had no one special to spend it with, either a close friend or a boyfriend, and I really could have used someone, as I began to feel a bit depressed. I need a man.

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