Who's On-Line Now?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I started a set of 4 night shifts last night. I always hate nights anyway, but I was falling asleep by 06:00 and was really looking forward to coming home. Unfortunately my day shift counterpart didn't arrive until 07:30, half an hour late. I was not happy. And then he wanted to stand and chat. I was so annoyed. I didn't get home until 08:30.
To top it off I was woken up at 12:30 by someone repeatedly ringing the doorbell of our flat. When I got down to the door there was no one there. I managed to get back to sleep but then didn't wake up until 16:30. The whole day was gone.
All I've managed to do is eat dinner and now I have to get ready to go back to work. I really hate my job. Three more shifts until I'm off again. I'm so tired.


Jeff said...

"LONDON (Reuters) - Hundreds of train drivers in central England will go on strike for three days during the Olympic Games, their trade union said on Thursday, a move that could disrupt journeys to London from elsewhere in Britain during the historic event.

It was the second Olympics strike threat in as many days after border officials voted on Wednesday to walk out, raising the specter of huge passport queues at Heathrow airport."

So this is how the Brits are going to show themselves to the rest of the World?

Alex said...

The unions are constantly holding the public to ransom over everything here, they strike over pay all the time (despite being on high starting wages anyway).
They won and are getting a single payment bonus just for attending work over the Olympics, for no extra actual work. Because they did this all the other travel workers threatened to strike and they got bonuses too.
Yet, those of us who are actually affected by the increased traffic on these services (which aren't being increased) are the ones who will really suffer.

There are several other issues with the Olympics (security being the major one), but I believe that there are always these kind of issues before an Olympics, it's just more noticable to us because it is in the UK and our press are always looking to find the downside on everything.

Fingers crossed that it will be great.