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Friday, 6 July 2012

No Sex

Yesterday I was meant to be meeting up with a guy for sex. I had met him in Torquay last year at Pride and he happened to live in London. I previously friended him on Facebook, but recently realised that he had unfriended me at some point.
I saw him again at the Clapham Street Party and we snogged a bit and he took my number again (I'd not deleted his). He contacted me soon after and it was clear that he wanted sex, though it was also clear that he wanted to fuck me. Not gonna happen. So I made that clear to him and he was still interested, though I suspect he was still gonna try.
Yesterday I really didn't think that going to meet him was a good idea, I wasn't in the mood for THAT discussion ("Can I fuck you?" "No, I've already told you"), so when Tim called and invited me out for a drink I accepted his offer and told the guy that a friend had a crisis that I had to help with. I felt guilty but it was for the best I thought.
I met Tim and Graham and a few others at the Duke of Wellington where we had several drinks. When the others left to go for a meal Tim announced that he was going to G.A.Y., which meant that, if I wanted to maintain his company, I had to go there too (it really isn't somewhere that I would chose to go). Despite the downstairs bar being slightly accessible, we had to go to the upstairs bar as that is adjacent to the smoking area. It was jammed.
When we got to the smoking area (again, like I had a choice if I wanted to maintain his company), there was a cute guy in a black vest who was smiling at me. I pointed him out to Tim and then went to the loo. When I came back he had his arm around the guy.
The guy was playing the two of us off against each other, or that is what I thought. He later told me that he wanted us both. His friend was cute too, though very shy, or just more aloof. Over the next half and hour the vest guy snogged me, Tim and his mate. He kept switching between us all and in the end I got bored of it all and told him that he should go for Tim as he was the better bet for going home with someone. He seemed annoyed but, despite feeling horny, I was bored of the game. I left and came home.
When I got home I was still feeling horny. I thought I had found a gorgeous guy on Grindr but then he went quiet just as I was arranging to go around there. I was frustrated so went over to Clapham Common, though there were very few guys there and none were my type. I ended up watching some porn before going to sleep at 03:00.

This morning I got a text from Tim telling me that he didn't end up with that guy, probably because he was too drunk.
I also got a Grindr message from the guy I thought I was gonna hook up with saying that his phone had died mid-conversation (hence him going quiet).
Sound like the universe was punishing me for dumping the guy I should have been having sex with. Oh well.

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