Who's On-Line Now?

Saturday, 21 July 2012


I've been chatting to a guy on Scruff for about a month and we finally managed to arrange a time and place to meet up. Yesterday we met at Tower Hill station and went on to St Katharine's Wharf and sat and had a coffee and chatted. Initially I was disappointed that he wasn't as hot as I had hoped, but we got on alright. There was no romantic attraction, at least from me anyway. I met him at 17:00 and was home by 19:00.

I did find something amusing though. As I was about to leave the flat I heard the girl downstairs leave with her boyfriend. Terry had told me before that he was quite sexy. I left a minute or so later and overtook them on the pavement. He was nicely built, but I didn't see his face.
I took my work trousers to the dry cleaners and then went on to the tube station, where I overtook them again on the escalator down to the platform.
When I got to Bank, to change train lines, I saw them again, getting off there too.
Later when I was walking around St Katharine's Wharf we saw them again twice, in different places. It was almost like one of us was stalking the other.
I did manage to see his face though, which was also very attractive. Maybe I should pounce one day when he is alone and drunk. Maybe try and engage him about rugby, he looks the right build and type.

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