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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Almost Forgot

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon, but, as I was changing when I first got there, I saw one of the Steelers players, Wayne, who persuaded me to go to the Steelers' AGM before the Annual Dinner later. This meant that I had less time to get ready, I hadn't even picked up my suit from the dry cleaners. I had a quick run and then did some chest exercises. I had already done my abs exercises and some arms exercises at home.
When I got to the showers there was someone in one with the curtain slightly open, which is normally an invitation. I went into the one opposite and left my curtain slightly open too. The guy was gorgeous, had a fantastic body and an 8" semi-erect cock. I was in lust. He kept looking and I was hoping he was interested, but I doubted it. I went to the sauna afterwards, as I always do. He didn't but kept looking from where he was changing. I couldn't make it out as he never smiled once. Frustrating.

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